Why Stage 4?

Up until recently I ran a website/blog called “rickcarrollphotography.com” for several years and as a site, it wasn’t much more exciting than what you see here. Although photography to me is my life, I’ve always hated the idea that that, was all that I was about. To add to this, I believed, rightfully or not, that most would likely see me as a “Street” photographer and typecast me as such because of the content of rickcarrollphotography.com

Stage4.ca is about the adding the additional variables that make up who I really am. It is not about perfection, sentence structure or my lifetime fatal flaw of almost always having done what is believed to be “correct”.

When I thought of stage 4, I saw it as the last chapter of life, that place where I am now.

Please Note: This site has nothing to do whatsoever with cancer.

Rick Carroll